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Having trouble integrating digital to your sales mix? We can help breakdown the barriers to selling digital products and show you how to leverage them to unlock more broadcast dollars.

Branding Presentations

In the age of Google, the value of a strong brand cannot be overstated. Our multi-platform branding presentations drive long term station revenue while helping advertisers get the best ROI.

Solution Based Selling

Selling advertising “packages” is so 1990’s. Today, advertisers want and need marketing solutions that attract customers whether they’re driving down Main Street or shopping online.

Our Services

Other Areas Where we can help

Broadcaster Strategies

We’ve learned a few things from slugging it out in small and medium sized markets.  Whether it’s ratings promotions, cause marketing events or unique sponsorships, we have a lot of ideas to help you make money.

Market Visits

There’s nothing like boots on the ground to have maximum impact in your market.  We’re available for onsite coaching, strategy sessions, presentations and client calls.

Copywriting & Creative

Great radio copy tells a story, engages listeners and gets clients remembered. Say goodbye to cliche’s like “conveniently located” or “family owned and operated” and let us help write and produce a script that makes the sale.


About our founder.

Who should contact Off Road Media Group?


“I’ve worked with Mike for several years. He built a great team at Delmarva that consistently outperformed the market and made his stations a ratings and revenue juggernaut. His innovative approach to sales, across multiple platforms, helps advertisers AND the bottom line.”

Alan Burns Founder, Alan Burns & Associates

“Mike Reath is a seasoned broadcast veteran with proven success generating revenue across all areas of opportunity – on-air, non-spot and digital. Here at Marketron we have enjoyed partnering with Mike as he truly understands what advertisers want and need. If there is an opportunity to generate new business, Mike will find it.”

Deb Esayian Chief Revenue Officer, Marketron

“Mike is a total professional. Rarely in my 46 years in broadcasting have I had the opportunity to serve with someone with knowledge that is so broad and complete. Not only is Mike one of the few people in our business who actually understands how to build a successful digital enterprise alongside our traditional business, but he has proven success in sales, marketing and operations, building winning organizations.”

Pete Booker Retired President & CEO, Delmarva Broadcasting Company

“We’ve worked with Mike for years. He’s been invaluable in helping us generate millions of dollars in local direct advertising revenue and at introducing digital products to our market.”

Roger Haddon CEO, Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation


We'd love to talk with you. Let us know if you:

  • Need a digital sales strategy but don't know where to start.
  • Are in a highly competitive market and want a sales advantage.
  • Want to attract new advertisers and grow long term revenue.
  • Are interested in great CNA strategies and solution based sales presentations.
  • Believe that RADIO is a fantastic platform to help your clients.

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