Our Services

Starting up your digital program

If you're just beginning to incorporate digital products to your portfolio, or you currently don't offer any at all, we can help you get started in the right direction.  How broad a menu of products do you need?  What's currently going on in your market and with your competition? Once we understand your challenges and opportunities, we'll develop a plan to help you launch a new digital revenue strategy.

Building a digital team

As your digital sales ramp up, it's important to stand out from other companies that offer digital "on the side."  We can introduce you to our Digital Concierge model that has proven to grow and sustain long-term digital revenue. It delivers on two fronts, winning over your advertisers and winning over your sales team.  

Coaching your Sellers

In some ways, every media sales team is different.  In other ways, they are the same.  We suspect that you have a mix of sellers in your building of varying experience levels.  Are some still reluctant to pitch digital because they might get asked a question they can't answer?  Do you have a few who don't think that "their clients" are ready for digital?  Or, one of our favorites, the veteran sellers who are convinced that a dollar for digital means a dollar less for radio, print or TV.

We've met them all and have turned even the most reluctant digital seller into a fan.

Branding Sales presentations that generate long term revenue

Not your ordinary traveling show.  Our custom "why brands matter" sales presentations are interesting, engaging, occasionally entertaining and always informative.  Our proven, multi-platform strategy works and has sold millions and millions of dollars in advertising revenue (broadcast and digital) for stations in markets where the average rates are under $10 up through $250 and beyond.  

Broadcast Operations

Why should you build a 498′ tower instead of a 500′ one?  Those missing two feet will actually save you thousands of dollars.

Our background in radio goes well beyond sales.  From buying and selling radio stations, to building and renovating studios, to launching and marketing new formats and everything in between, we’ve done it.  We can help save you time and money.  And if we don’t have the answer, our network of industry contacts will.

Great Copy Sells Advertising and brings customers to your clients

We're firm believers in using the unmatched ability that radio has to tell a story.  This inherent strength should be used to capture potential advertiser's interest and subsequently engage audiences so that they remember the advertiser.

Spec spots work!  Case in point, this ad that we wrote and produced for a presentation to a non-radio advertiser.  He was so impressed that he rerecorded it in his own voice and ran it as part of a substantial new 12 month advertising campaign. Even better,  he got terrific results.  We can help you produce great spec spots. 

personalized video.

A groundbreaking approach to marketing that drives incredible response rates with customized video messages.