CTV is a sticky platform. That’s good.

It seems that there’s no limit to the choices an advertiser has today when it comes to placing a video ad. OTT, CTV, pre-roll and geo-video are just a few of the options to place a commercial hoping to capture people’s attention. It’s not an easy task given the copious amounts of media being consumed every day. In May of 2022 Nielsen reported that the typical American spends 13 hours and 7 minutes daily with media, and not surprisingly, 67% of that is with digital platforms.

This is why I like Connected TV. When you’re trying to get noticed and have people remember your selling message and your brand, placing an ad in the middle of a show that people are actually committed to watching, is a rare piece of advertising real estate in 2023. CTV ads, placed properly in full episodic programming, are non-skippable and come with very high completion rates. Often north of 95%. A number that should be attractive to every marketer.

Whether it’s an old episode of Bewitched or Hulu’s current hit Only Murders in the Building or something in between, CTV is “sticky” programming. It’s almost the classic broadcast TV model from the 90’s and before where people sit down to watch the beginning, middle and end of their favorite shows. Only now, they do it on their own schedule. And we can use targeting filters to place the most relevant commercials in front of the best prospects for any given advertiser in any zip code in the country.

CTV is the opposite of cat videos running in an endless stream of user generated content (UGC) that tries to fill our ever-shrinking attention spans. CTV is sticky programming that holds viewers’ attention and offers some of the best advertising ROI today especially when combined with other platforms including print, streaming audio and event marketing.